P. Sean Morris, Academic Director, Senior Research Fellow in Public International Law. Sean teaches and researches across all areas of international law and has secondary research interests in private law in global governance. Core subject area: Public International Law; dispute settlement; law of the sea; comparative law; and intellectual property law. Teaching: Public International Law; International tribunals; law of the sea; law and capitalism; property theory. Research interests: General international law including historical approaches, specifically the period 1860 – 1939, with special interests on economic agreements, the development of international institutions and tribunals and the evolution of applied issues in international law. Private law in global governance relating to financial regulation, innovation, law and capitalism; and emerging questions on global private regulation of artificial intelligence or in an international law context the conduct of hostilities and artificial intelligence.  

Amin Forji, Co-Academic Director, Senior Research Fellow in International Law, and Director, International Law and Development Program.

Fellows & Experts

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Affiliated researchers

Affiliated researchers can be based anywhere in the world and contributes to the function of Helsinki Law Academy through conferences, workshops, research papers, amongst others.

Tero Lundstedt, Senior/Affiliate Research Fellow in Public International Law. Tero teaches and researches public international law, especially use of force and human rights, in the Erik Castrén Institute of International Law and Human Rights in the University of Helsinki. He is a member of the editorial board of Finnish Yearbook of International Law. His publications include articles and a research report on the topics of Russian international law doctrine, foreign policy and interpretation of self-determination, as well as on the annexation of Crimea and the Ukraine crisis. Main research interests: International law relating to territorial questions, self-determination, state recognition, Russian international law doctrine.